About Us

LOGISTICS 2020 is an integral, trusted, and indispensable resource for our clients, synonymous with superior mission support. We excel in developing and executing innovative expeditionary end-to-end logistics solutions, tailored to serve the operational and sustainment requirements of our DoD, Government, and commercial customers.

We provide forward deployed supply, storage, inventory, requisition, and life-support for our customer’s personnel and cargo. We also coordinate, manage, and execute inter- and intra-theater aerial and ground distribution.

LOGISTICS 2020 was recognized by the Intelligence Community in a message to the Secretary of Defense stating, “Our selection of the LOGISTICS 2020 contractor was exactly right. These are amazing people doing amazing work.”

LOGISTICS 2020 leverages the knowledge and experience of both veterans and industry experts. Over 65% of our employees are veterans, including service-disabled, providing a solid base of understanding of the processes and procedures required for worldwide support.
Coupled with our civilian expertise, we integrate commercial and military best practices to provide leading edge logistics solutions for the dynamic operational environment of the 21st century.